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John Rudek’s new album A Search For Love is a stirring collection of folk magic.

A Search For Love, the first full-length album from Rotterdam-based singer-songwriter John Rudek. He wrote his first two songs in 1975, and after a multi-decade-long break from music making, Rudek returned to songwriting 40 years later, in 2015.

Now, after all this time, the album has arrived. While an album like this would regularly slip under our radar, we’re incredibly grateful we found this record – it’s raw and stirring; a collection of beautifully crafted, story-driven folk gems.

On his first full-length album A Search For Love, Rotterdam-based singer-songwriter John Rudek presents a stunning collection of folk gems.

Throughout the new album’s thirteen track duration, Rudek glides through blissful, emotive vocal melodies and stripped-back guitar lines to deliver a sound that will resonate with you deeply. His music is simultaneously delicate and powerful; it balances gracefully between tenderness and emotional strength.

The album’s opening track Healing maps out Rudek’s internal healing process. It travels through his feelings, his complaints, and his search for solutions. With his ethereal vocal tones, Rudek will rope you in, and leave you hanging on each word.

This is a theme that runs consistently through the album. While his songs are instrumentally sparse, Rudek crafts sprawling sonic universes within each track. Once you enter any track on this album, you’ll never want to leave.

As mentioned, A Search For Love was an album decades in the making, but considering the quality of each tune, it was well worth the wait.

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